Conscious of the importance of developing music education in Portugal, the AWPM has fully accomplished its main objectives in the pedagogical, editorial, musical, and cultural fields, during the past three decades:

  • Contribute to the continuing training of music teachers, by regularly organizing courses for music specialists, educators, musicians, and music students, based on the principles and methods proposed by Jos Wuytack.
  • Publish and disseminate resources for music education in the Portuguese language (books, CD’s, and others) on specific topics (Active Music Listening, vocal and instrumental training, children’s songs with motion, traditional songs), in order to stimulate teachers’ musical practice and professional development.
  • Encourage the musical practice amongst children and young people in both formal and informal contexts, by supporting the creation of vocal and instrumental groups, and by organizing concerts, performed by young musicians especially aimed at young audiences.
  • Promote the decentralization of activities, responding to the needs of musical and pedagogical teacher education in different regions of Portugal, especially where the offer is scarce.
  • Promote the exchange of musical and pedagogical experiences both nationally and internationally, by facilitating contacts between students, teachers, specialists, and institutions of music education.
  • Develop a multicultural perspective of music education: (1) by teaching music from different cultures: (2) by spreading the Portuguese musical heritage across borders, through its publication and its dissemination in international events.