The Wuytack Association for Music Pedagogy (Associação Wuytack de Pedagogia Musical - AWPM), is a pedagogical, cultural, and non-profit association, with a public utility status. It was created in Porto, Portugal, in 1992, for the purpose of disseminating the musical and pedagogical principles elaborated by the Belgian composer and pedagogue Jos Wuytacka world leading figure in the field of music teacher education.

The activities carried out by the AWPM cover the following complementary areas: pedagogical (teacher education), editorial (publication of books and CD’s), musical and cultural (launching of concerts with children and young musicians, exchange with other organisations, both national and international).

Emanating from the ideas of the Orff-Schulwerk, the Wuytack Pedagogy is based on the principles of activity, creativity, community and totality. Developing an elemental music, which creates a unity with word and movement, this pedagogy aims at the integration of verbal, musical and corporal expression. The goal is that children participate in the joy of making music together, through the combination of voice, as a means of expression, par excellence, of human beings, the Orff instruments, used for musical creation and performance, and the body, to express movement, mime, and dance.


AWPM celebrates 30 years!

Continuamos a comemorar os 30 Anos… com música de Jos Wuytack! Convidamos todos para um concerto que terá lugar no Porto, no próximo dia 25 de setembro.

Venham celebrar com os jovens músicos da Escola de Música de Leça da Palmeira e da Escola de Música da Póvoa de Varzim, e também com os futuros professores de música, mestrandos na ESE do Porto!