Jos Wuytack
Graça Boal Palheiros

Livro do Professor (Teacher' s Book) Psycho-pedagogical principles and methodologies.
CD Recorded excerpts of the composers' works.

Musicogramas Big musicograms in colour.

Books + CD: 35 €; Musicograms: 25 €
Books, CD, Musicograms (discount 10%): 55 €


Active music listening is a system, elaborated by Jos Wuytack for teaching music listening to children and non professional musicians. It is based on the musicogram, which consists of the visualisation of the musical structure, through a scheme with colours, symbols and geometrical figures.

The Teacher's book broaches the psycho-pedagogical principles of the Active music listening, proposes listening strategies, presents lesson plans and suggests complementary activities. The CD includes recorded excerpts of the composers' works.

The Musicograms in big size and with colours, are intended to be used in the classroom. The students will be able to follow the indications of the teacher during the listening exercice.

These materials are for music education students and teachers, especially in secondary schools. However, they can also be useful for music education in specialist music schools.

Teacher's Book

Cap. 1 The role of listening in music education
Cap. 2 Psycho-pedagogical approach of music listening
Cap. 3 Pedagogical aspects of music listening
Cap. 4 Activities for music listening
Cap. 5 The musicogram
Cap. 6 Strategies for teaching music listening
Cap. 7 Plans of lessons for music listening
  Index of composers and works referred to in the book
  Bibliography and discography