::MUSICALIA – Play the Recorder

MUSICALIA – Play the Recorder
Jos Wuytack

Pour la flute a bec
Play the recorder
Toca la flauta dulce

Book Melodies and pieces to learn how to play the soprano recorder.
Ed. De Garve, Brugge
10 €
This publication will help one to become familiar with the technique of the soprano recorder. The pieces are presented according to their level of difficulty, and follow a step by step progression of the melody.

It is very important to study the instructions for holding the recorder, breathing, tone and articulation. All of the fingerings are indicated and illustrated. Both German and Baroque fingerings are included.

The repertoire is an anthology of popular songs and dances from different countries, Baroque pieces and new pieces, which were composed especially for this book. Polyphonic pieces are included to be interpreted by groups. But the second or the third voices can also be played as a separate melody. It is rewarding to play little melodies from the beginning of this book.