Regular offerings of continuous teacher training, through intensive courses and workshops, has made a significant contribution to the competence of professional music educators. The geographic diversity of training activities responds to the necessities of the different regions. The large number of participants, and their enthusiasm and commitment in their teaching practice, indicate an interest for this type of training and its positive repercussion for music education.
  • Courses of Music Pedagogy, presented by Jos Wuytack for music specialists, general classroom teachers, students and music animators, occurred in 14 Portuguese locations, and recently also in Spain, with an average number of 80 participants per course.
  • Notebooks, prepared by Graça Boal Palheiros, containing all the songs, verbal activities, dances, pedagogical principles and methodologies, presented in those courses, were given to all participants.
  • Musical workshops, presented by Graça Boal Palheiros, for music teachers, primary and pre-school teachers, took place in 14 Portuguese locations, with an average number of 30 participants per session.
  • Courses for music teachers of primary schools, presented by Graça Boal Palheiros, in collaboration with local music schools.

The publication of didactic materials in Portuguese, contributes to the instruction of music education, an area which has been somehow neglected in Portugal. The audio materials are a tremendous help for teaching children songs, assisting pre-school and primary school teachers, who may have some difficulties, and taking into account that music instruments are not always available in schools.

The content of the training courses, publications and CD’s focuses on multicultural aspects of musical knowledge. In Portugal, this perspective finds expression in the practice of traditional music of other cultures (songs adapted in Portuguese), and in spreading the Portuguese musical heritage across the frontier. This occurs in publications in the Spanish language, and at international meetings of music education.

In spite of the financial difficulties and the limited possibilities of distribution, the publications of the AWPM have met with great success, both in Portugal and abroad. This is indeed a big stimulus to continue our editorial project, which consists of 8 publications in 10 years (see PUBLICATIONS).


The AWPM owns an Orff instrumentarium, donated by Jos Wuytack. Part of this instrumentarium is a gift from the Orff Foundation in Munich, received on the occasion of the presentation of the Pro Merito Award to the meritorious pedagogue.

The instruments have been used in training courses throughout Portugal, and they have also been lent out to music groups for the presentation of youth concerts. The promotion of concerts for children, by vocal and instrumental groups of different regions, allows the exchange of musical and social experiences and stimulates children and young people to start or continue their musical apprenticeship.

Recordings of the CD’s raise the motivation of the young performers, and represent another opportunity for the development of their musical practice. The AWPM editions have also stimulated the editorial activities of other associations, as well as the presentation of concerts in educational centres, where teachers, students and their families were involved. Such activities are a source of cultural enrichment for the educational and social community, and a stimulant for the promotion of similar initiatives by local groups.
  • Concerts were given in different schools, with pieces of different composers for voices, recorders, percussion and Orff instruments. Especially dedicated to pupils and teachers, these concerts were performed by music students.
  • Homage concerts to Jos Wuytack, celebrating 25 years of Courses of Music Pedagogy in Portugal, were performed in September 1997, with works by the composer himself for choir, recorders, piano and Orff instruments. These concerts took place in the Eng. António de Almeida Foundation in Porto and in the Trindade Theatre in Lisbon. Three groups were involved: the Children’s choir of Carcavelos under the direction of Pedro Fragoso, the choir of the secondary school D. Pedro V under the direction of João Chaves, and the Orff Orchestra of Porto under the direction of Rui Ferreira and José Prata.
  • In June 1999, in the Grand Auditorium of Culturgest in Lisbon, the AWPM participated in the concert of the Musical Foundation of Friends of Children, for the launching of the CD “Portuguese Traditional Songs” with harmonisations by Jos Wuytack. In the same location the AWPM organized the exhibition “Illustrations for the book Traditional Portuguese Songs” by Acácio de Carvalho.
  • In December 2000, the AWPM organized the concert “Cantar o Natal / Cantar la Navidad” for the launching of the book by Jos Wuytack, with international Christmas Carols and a Christmas Cantata. The concert was performed in the Eng. António de Almeida Foundation in Porto by the Children’s choir and the Orff orchestra of the Musical Cultural Centre of Caldas de Saúde, under the direction of Eduardo Rocha.
  • In December 2002, the AWPM participated in the Christmas concerts of the Musical Foundation of Friends of Children, for the launching of the CD “Cantar o Natal” by Jos Wuytack. These concerts were performed in the Cultural Centre of Belém and in the Auditorium of the Geographic Society in Lisbon, by the Youth choir, Chamber choir and Orchestra of the FMAC, under the direction of Leonardo de Barros.