The AWPM has its beginnings in a private project that organized regular training courses in music pedagogy, instructed by Professor Jos Wuytack, for music specialists and music lovers. After his first appearance in Portugal in 1968, invited by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Jos Wuytack taught systematically in Portugal from 1973 on. He directed many musical activities, workshops and courses in different locations, involving thousands of teachers, educators and music students, who enjoyed his unique way of teaching.

Because of its quality and regularity, this project of promoting the Orff/Wuytack pedagogy became a significant tradition in teacher training, which has largely contributed to the development of music education in Portugal. In 1992, in order to assure the continuity of this project, a group of teachers created the AWPM, following the initiative of Graça Boal Palheiros, lecturer at the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, and president of the AWPM, since its foundation.


The annual organisation of the courses of music pedagogy in Porto and Lisbon, and of musical and pedagogical activities in other parts of the country, is due to the initiatives of the AWPM or to local initiatives of different institutions (High Schools of Education, Primary and Secondary Schools, Centres of Teachers Training, Regional Education and Cultural Centres, and Associations).

The activities of the AWPM are made possible by the voluntary work of both its board and its members. The revenue of the AWPM comes from of the organisation of training courses, annual quota and selling of publications. Although it has not received any regular assistance, the AWPM has enjoyed financial and logistic aid from different Institutes and Organisations.

The exchange of experiences between youngsters and teachers, both nationally and internationally, was made possible realized through collaboration with APEM-Portuguese Association for Music Education, FMAC- Musical Foundation of Children’s Friends in Lisbon, Orff Institute of Porto, APEMBA-Teachers Association of Music Education in Bahia, Brasil, and AULODIA-Music Teachers Association of Valencia, Spain.