The Wuytack Association for Music Pedagogy (AWPM - Associação Wuytack de Pedagogia Musical) is a cultural and non profit association, which was created in 1992, for the purpose of propagating the musical and pedagogical principles, elaborated by the Belgian composer and pedagogue Jos Wuytack. Presently, the association counts approximately 900 members, the majority of which are music teachers and students.

The activities carried out by the AWPM cover complementary areas such as: pedagogical (training of the teachers), editorial (publication of books and CD’s), musical-cultural (launching of concerts with children and youngsters, exchange with other organisations, both nationally and internationally).

Emanating from the ideas of the Orff-Schulwerk, Wuytack’s pedagogy is based on the principles of activity, creativity, community and totality. Employing ‘elemental music’, which creates a unity with word and movement, this pedagogy works toward the integration of verbal, musical and corporal expression. The goal is that each child participates in the joy of making music together. The result is a combination of voice, an excellent personification of the human being, the Orff instruments, used for musical creation and interpretation, and the body, to express movement, mime and dance.